Viveve Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment

Viveve is non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatment that helps tighten the vagina in a quick, comfortable single session treatment and increase sensation and sexual satisfaction. Viveve is a FDA approved, non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatment to tighten the vagina and increase sensation and sexual satisfaction. Many women are also reporting that it can help with urinary incontinence and increase vaginal lubrication.

Benefits of Viveve Vaginal Rejuvenation

  • Results in a smaller & tighter vagina
  • Increase sensation & sexual satisfaction
  • Increase vaginal lubrication
  • Clinically proven as safe & effective
  • Treats Urinary Incontinence

How Vaginal Rejuvenation Works

The Viveve Treatment is delivered via the patented, cryogen-cooled monopolar radiofrequency (CMRF) device that rebuilds natural collagen. CMRF technology allows for depth of penetration while maintaining patient comfort and safety. The Viveve Treatment works via a small probe which emits cryogen-cooling to protect the tissue and radiofrequency waves to heat the tissue.Β  This prompts the production of new collagen to reinvigorate the tissue

Viveve Vaginal Rejuvenation Near Me

If you want to enjoy life again, now you can with the innovative with Viveve Vaginal Rejuvenation. For more information about the Viveve Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment, please call 513-882-7006 or schedule your personal consultation today.

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