A Plastic Surgeon Calls This Noninvasive Body-Sculpting Device Her ‘Holy Grail’ (www.newbeauty.com)

No surprise here, but achieving taut and toned muscles isn’t easy to do. While you don’t necessarily need to train like an Olympic athlete to get sculpted, it’s still difficult for many of us to get rid of those small pockets of fat—especially on the abdomen—that seems to be more stubborn than a toddler entering their “terrible twos.”

Luckily, there’s a new in-office treatment called Emsculpt NEO to pick up where your endless crunches have left off. While you may have heard of the original Emsculpt device, this new version has just recently launched, and unsurprisingly, it has experts beyond excited.

“Emsculpt NEO is a true technological innovation,” says San Diego dermatologist Melanie Palm, MD. “It combines two technologies delivered simultaneously to target both muscle toning and fat loss.”

“I call this my ‘holy grail’ device because everything it can do simultaneously is new to the market,” adds Louisville, KY plastic surgeon Julene Samuels, MD.

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