Emsculpt Neo – The Body-Shaping Secret Weapon | Goop

https://goop.com/beauty/bath-body/the-body-shaping-secret/Emsculpt Neo is a new noninvasive half-hour treatment aimed at contouring the body, and dermatologists and plastic surgeons are raving about it. Top New York dermatologist Bruce Katz, MD, of JUVA Skin and Laser Center, says his clients usually see results after their fourth session (an initial treatment program involves four sessions, spaced a week apart). “They continue to see improvement for up to six months afterward,” he says. “I find many patients are inspired by the results, which they’re then motivated to maintain with a clean diet and exercise.”

“It’s true,” agrees the editor. “I started noticing that my favorite slip dress fit better after the fourth treatment. “And this is weird, but I feel like I can hold a plank longer when I’m working out.”